• Sustainability initiatives

     TinyCamp properties are designed to have minimal impact.

    We strive to be a leader in sustainable tourism, green building and sustainability initiatives to lighten our environmental footprint and lead by example.

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    Sustainable Building Program

    • TinyCamp has received five awards for sustainability as part of the Coconino County sustainable building program.
    • TinyCamp’s custom tiny homes are designed for energy and resource efficiency.
    • We conserve water using low-flow fixtures, and recycle grey water.
    • Complementary electric car charging is available.
    • Our waste management involves off-site recycling.
    • Most cabins have solar panels, with plans to reach net-zero electricity use.
    • Rainwater is harvested to water our native landscaping.
    • We maintain natural habitats, minimize disruption to local wildlife, preserve open spaces, and support local conservation efforts.
    • • We’re proud to be part of the Dark Sky Community, reducing light pollution to preserve the night sky.
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    Sustainable Tourism

    • We lead in sustainable tourism in Sedona by integrating eco-friendly practices such as water conservation, renewable energy use, and maintaining natural habitats, setting an industry standard in the region.

    • We actively participate in community programs like the Verde River River-Friendly Communities and the Dark Sky Community, highlighting our commitment to local environmental initiatives.

    • Sustainable tourism is crucial as it ensures the preservation of Sedona’s unique natural and cultural heritage, supporting the local economy, and providing a quality experience for visitors today and in the future.

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    River Friendly Communities

    Award winning partner of the Friends of the Verde River - river friendly communities program.

    • We’ve offset our water usage for the first five years of business.
    • Gray water from our showers is recycled to irrigate our pollinator gardens.
    • Guests are provided with ecological toiletries, and we clean with eco-friendly products.
    • Rainwater is captured for further irrigation use.
    • We utilize native landscaping and manage invasive species
    • Landscaping and hard surfaces were selected to encourage water infiltration and improve water quality.
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    Education Showcase

    • TinyCamp stands as a tangible example of sustainable living. Guests can experience tiny house living first-hand, discovering its benefits and seeing if it’s a good fit for them.
    • Our space provides a unique opportunity for guests to learn and adapt sustainability principles in a practical setting, ranging from water conservation to energy efficiency.
    • Through our partnership with Sedona Charter School, offering on-site teacher housing, we further demonstrate our commitment to community support, sustainable development, and education.