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    Cancellation Policy:

    If your plans change after your reservation is confirmed, cancellation notice is required 15 days in advance of your arrival date. You will be refunded your deposit, minus a $25 cancellation fee + 7% service charge. *For group bookings - 2-3 homes min. 30 days notice, for 4-5 tiny homes 60 days notice.The cancellation fee also applies to changes in your arrival/departure date which results in a shorter stay. No refunds are provided for late arrivals or early departures.

    If you cancel your reservation 14 days or less prior to the arrival date, you are responsible for the entire cost of your reservation. Your credit card on file will be charged in full.


    We are not responsible for weather conditions during your stay. Hwy 89A and our bridge to TinyCamp may be subject to ADOT/local road closures due to inclement weather from time to time. We are concerned about the safety of our guests at all times. We are not responsible if your trip is interrupted due to road/bridge closures or flooding events.. We also recommend following ADOT winter weather driving recommendations during inclement weather including "Avoid the storm, use chains and 4x4 vehicles. Here are other ADOT tips: Be alert: ice forms on bridges first and is hard to see, Never pass a plow, Brake slowly, Carry food water and medications with you at all times. " Do not leave belongs at tiny camp during storm events as the road/bridge may become impassable, take all belongings with you and also pack food and water in case you become stranded. Please travel safe and be prepared during winter/spring driving conditions.


    Should events beyond the reasonable control of the TinyCamp and Guest, including but not limited to (1) acts of God, (2) war, including armed conflict, (3) strikes or labor disputes at the TinyCamp or in Northern Arizona (4) disease at the TinyCamp or in Northern Arizona (examples of disease: SARS, Legionnaires, COVID-19), (5) government regulation or advisory (including travel advisory warnings), (6) civil disturbance at the TinyCamp or in Northern Arizona, (7) terrorism or threats of terrorism in the United States as substantiated by governmental warnings or advisory notices, (8) curtailment of transportation services or facilities which would materially affect attendees from attending the conference, (9) disaster, fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods in Northern Arizona (10) unseasonable extreme inclement weather in Northern Arizona (11) shortages or disruption of the electrical power supply causing blackouts or rolling blackouts or other essential utilities in Northern Arizona or (12) any other cause reasonably beyond the parties' control (collectively referred to as "occurrences"), making the Guest stay impracticable, impracticable to perform, illegal, or impossible to fully perform under the Booking Agreement as TinyCamp and Guest originally contracted, TinyCamp may terminate any Booking Agreement, without liability, upon written notification. In addition, should Guest cancel reservations or registrations because of reasons over which they have no control such as, but not limited to, airline flight cancellations, TinyCamp shall not be liable for any reservation fees or charges prepaid by the guest or for any obligation which otherwise would be required in any manner under their Booking Agreement. Notice under this provision may be given by TinyCamp at any time in advance of or during the Guest stay. When stated in any provision of the Booking Agreement, "without liability" means that there will be no liquidated damages, attrition fees, cancellation fees, rental charges, service charges, or any direct, consequential, compensatory, special incidental damages or any other damages or amounts of any nature whatsoever.


  • Welcome to TinyCamp

    House Manual & Policies



    Dear Guests,


    Welcome to TinyCamp! We hope that you enjoy your time in Sedona and in the magical Oak Creek Canyon. Here are our policies & few useful things to know:


    1. Checkin time is 3pm & Checkout time is 10am. No shoes in the house please!

    2. WiFi - the network name is NETGEAR89 and the password is unusualearth946 (for Renew) Tiny Camp 2 and the password is Tinyadventure357

    3. Parking - Designated parking is on the red stone area parallel to the road in front of steps.

    4. Climate control - For your comfort you have an efficient mini-split combined heating/cooling system. Simply use the remote control to set your desired temperature. (mode adjusts heat (sun) or cool (snowflake) symbol. You do not need to adjust the wall units. Additional space heaters and small fans are also provided.

    5. Tiny House Design – SHOWERS - we have small on-demand water heaters that provide for a short hot shower plan a 5 minute break between showers to allow our efficient systems to catch up! STAIRS - Guests climb a ladder to access the loft area. We recommended that guests always face toward the ladder for their safety.

    6. Barbecues - A shared barbecue is provided between the tiny homes. Please remember to turn off the propane supply and brush/clean the grill when you are finished. Grills left dirty will result in a $10 additional cleaning charge.

    7. Safety - Fire Extinguishers are provided under the kitchen sink. Night Lights/Safety Flashlights also have a USB charger for your phones. Battery operated lanterns & headlamps are also provided for indoor/outdoor use. Security Cameras – there is one exterior security camera at the front door for your safety.

    8. Dark Sky - our lights comply with the Sedona dark sky guidelines. Exterior stair lights are motion sensitive (turn off by moving switch to the upper position), and the solar deck lights are automatic. The decks are great for stargazing! We recommend downloading a free app like SkyView Lite as your guide!

    9. Decks - We have provided a number of extra blankets to extend your use of the outdoors. Kindly refrain from leaving food items on the deck, unless you’d like a visit from local wildlife! And please do not hang towels or clothes to dry on areas of the deck visible to the street. (hanging wet clothes on outdoor chairs is preferred)

    10. Creek Access – Some great spots for cooling off in the creek are at Grasshopper Point, the famous Slide Rock and also Red Rock Crossing.

    11. Experiences - We love to create great experiences for our guests. If you are interested in upgrading to our romance, adventure or wellness packages, please message us for details and pricing. We are also happy to provide recommendations for great hikes, health, wellness and/or spiritual practitioners or other unique Sedona experiences.

    12. Convenience – a selection of complimentary teas and coffee is provided. A battery powered blue tooth speaker is provided, turn on and press the Bluetooth button to pair with your phone. Please let us know in advance if you will be needing an iron and ironing board during your stay.

    13. Social Media - We are hoping to continue to grow, and we would appreciate you helping us to spread the word! Please follow us and share your photos on Facebook and on Instagram at @tinycampsedona. Our hashtag is #tinycamp!

    14. No Smoking on the Property - For your safety no smoking, candles or incense are permitted inside the tiny home. Because Oak Creek Canyon is a high fire danger area, open flames are not allowed on the property. Please be mindful of all local fire restrictions. Tiny homes are equipped with fire sprinklers. The sprinkler heads are sensitive, please do not hang clothes on the cages or hold onto the pipes. Any damage caused by the accidental activation of the sprinklers is the responsibility of the guest.

    15. Children - All children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

    16. Pets - All pets must be pre-approved by TinyCamp prior to your arrival and are subject to a $75 non refundable pet fee. Local rules require that dogs be on a leash at all times. For additional details, please ask about our pet policy.

    17. Housekeeping - Each tiny home is supplied with bed linens and an assortment of towels for your stay. Please contact us if you require additional supplies. Cleaning services are provided following your departure. Find extra towels and a space heater in step drawers.

    18. Noise – To ensure a relaxing experience for our other guests and neighbors, please refrain from excessive noise, particularly after sunset.

    19. Checkout Instructions – Temperature Control please set remote to 65 in winter and 75 in summer. Keys - Please return the keys to the lockbox on checkout. Trash - Please remove your trash at the time of checkout. Trash receptacles can be found at the top of the hill by the gate. Please close all windows before you leave.

    20. Emergency Contact – if you have an emergency contact Darin directly via text at 530-277-0196 and indicate which Tiny House you are in.

    21. * Oak Creek May flash flood in the spring once or twice limiting access in and out of our neighborhood. If you are booking, during spring runoff you might want to have some food/snacks and provisions.



    Hot Tubs!

    Dear guests,

    Welcome to TinyCamp! We hope you enjoy our private stargazing hot tubs. Here are a few useful things to know:


    1. Hot tubs are set at 102 – 103 degrees, check the temperature when you arrive and adjust accordingly. Temperature may be adjusted seasonally for your comfort.

    2. Please always shower before use! - Thanks

    4. There are 4 buttons and two dials for the jets. 1. Temp up, 2. Temp down, 3. Light, 4. Jets on/off. Dials rotate counter clockwise to open jets and clockwise to close. After use, please turn off jets and close dials.

    5. Hot tub covers are fastened with clips at 4 corners. Be careful to unclip the straps before opening the lid. We recommend leaving one-side clipped and only opening the ½ of the hot tub by the steps. Guests are responsible for damaged lids!

    6. Children are not permitted.

    7. No glass containers are permitted in hot tub areas.

    8. Enjoy stargazing from your own private hot tub @TinyCamp!

  • Pet Policy

    Dog Accommodations


    Well-behaved owners may accompany their non-shedding dogs for an additional fee of $75.00 per dog per 2 night stay, 2 dog-maximum. Pet owners will pay a refundable $200 damage deposit, that will be refunded within 7 days of checkout so long as there if no damage to the unit. Dogs are not allowed on property without prior approval. Dog Policy 1. Dogs must be kept on a maximum 6-foot leash at all times under owner supervision and may not be left unattended at any time. 2. Guests are responsible to "clean up" after their dog. All dog waste must be properly disposed of in a receptacle. 3. Noisy, vicious or unruly dogs are not allowed. 4. TinyCamp is not responsible for, and will hold pet owner accountable, for any injury or damage caused by your dog. You will be charged for any and all damages. 5. Dogs are not allowed on beds or furniture at any time. 6. Ask us about pet friendly trails in Sedona.

    * TinyCamp team reserves the right to update these policies at any time, without prior notice